Sajha land sale worries experts

Himalayan News Service

Lalitpur, December 31

Sajha Yatayat (SY), the government-owned transportation company, which is nearing bankruptcy due to internal irregularities, is ultimately looking for customers to buy its land acquired out of public space, to distribute salary to its employees.

The SY has decided to sell its land situated in the commercial area of Lagankhel despite vehement opposition by the locals and experts. Its six ropani and eight anna land is now for sale but no response has been received so far though it has decreased its price. The SY, which owns 25 buses, says selling property is the only way to pay off the liabilities of its 500 employees who were forced to quit after its closure. Former mayor of Lalitpur Buddhi Raj Bajracharya said that selling of property is an unwise decision of any government-owned institution. He added that the sale should be stopped. According to him, the land, which is being claimed by Sajha, is a part of a big open area which works as underground reservoir for stone spouts of the city.

A cultural expert of Lalitpur, Madan Mohan Mishra said the locals are fighting to save the environment and cultural heritage of the area for over a decade but the government is taking regressive steps.