Scholarship for girl students to pursue technical education

Kathmandu, March 19

The Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens has issued ‘Procedure to Provide Scholarship for Disadvantaged and Brilliant Teenage Girls in Higher Education of Technical Subject-2020’ to ensure that poor and meritorious students are not deprived of higher education in technical subjects.

As per the procedure, the federal government will provide scholarship to beneficiaries consistent with the President Women Upliftment Programme.

“Ministry of social development of concerned province shall be responsible to provide scholarship for the disadvantaged and brilliant teenage girls in accordance within this procedure,” reads Section 3 of the procedure. Students selected for scholarship will get Rs 250,000 each, for completion of technical course.

“The scholarship amount shall be distributed in two tranches with effect from the current fiscal. The procedure stipulates provision of a five-member scholarship management committee headed by the secretary of MoSD in each province.

It has also set criteria for selection of beneficiaries.

Preference will be accorded to those girls, who graduated Grade XII or equivalent with good track record and are parentless, at high risk of trafficking, living with differently-abled parents and from Dalit community, indigent groups and remote areas.

According to the procedure, the committee shall publish a public notice in a national daily with one week deadline for submission of application.

A candidate can submit an application to the committee, along with certificate of Grade XII and other documents as prescribed.

After applications are received, the committee shall select beneficiaries as per the criteria specified by the procedure.

MoSD provides scholarship amount to beneficiaries from its internal resource or from the grant provided by the federal government.

“MoSD shall have to disburse scholarship amount to the institutions where they are studying to ensure that the cash is not spent for other purposes,” reads Section 7 of the procedure.

The procedure requires concerned province to carry out monitoring of the scholarship programme through local levels and send its report to MoWCSC.