School students observe Environment Day

Kathmandu, June 5

A foundation stone was laid to install rainwater harvesting system at Jana Prabhat High School, Kathmandu on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Dhurva Manandhar, chairperson of ward 13, Kathmandu Metropolis, laid the foundation stone.

The rain water harvesting system is being installed with the help of the guthi. This will help  students of Jana Prabhat High School to get rid of water shortage.

Scarcity of water has posed major problems in maintaining sanitation and hygiene in many schools of Kathmandu.

“Though we are the second richest country in terms of water resources, yet we are not able to utilise the water resources properly. Maintaining sanitation and construction of girls’ friendly toilets are major challenges for most educational institutions. This problem can be solved only with the availability of water and this can be ensured with the help of rain water harvesting system,” said Chairperson Dhruba Manandhar.

Following the laying of foundation stone, plantation, cleaning, WASH information sharing, exhibition, drawing competition and hand washing activities were also conducted to mark the World Environment Day. All the staff and students participated in activities throughout the day enthusiastically.

“Rainwater harvesting concept can be very useful to meet our water demands. Due to limited sanitation facilities, it was difficult for us to manage the students’ queue outside toilets during breaks. We promise to take care of it,” said Satyandra Lal Karna, principal of the school.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the activities on Environment Day as it gave us an opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice. These activities should be conducted in school frequently,” said Pawan Kumar, a student of the school.