A two-day public holiday rule announced by the government will be coming into effect from coming May 15 and the provision is to be implemented in schools as well.

The government has decided to do away with a half-day school schedule on Friday and reduce the winter and summer holidays to adjust with school hours to be affected by a two-day weekend.

The Ministry of Education has directed the Education and Human Resource Development Center, Sanothimi to proceed towards the implementation of the decision and the Center said it has, acting on the Ministry direction, issued a circular to Education Development and Coordination Unit in all 77 districts to follow the decision. It means school will remain closed on Saturday and Sunday and will run till 4:00 pm on Friday.

The Ministry on Wednesday decided to give a public holiday on Saturday and Sunday in public and private schools as in other government entities.

According to Center director Ramchandra Sharma, district coordination units in all 77 districts and local levels and schools across the country have been asked to bring the two-day weekend provision into practice.

The local governments have been directed to prepare the annual calendar making arrangements to make up for the shortfall in credit hours after public holiday is given on Sunday by reducing the number of days from the winter and summer holidays and other holidays in such a way that the credit hours and working hours are not compromised as stipulated by the National Curriculum Framework 2076 BS.

Arrangements have been made by which the local levels can prepare the school calendar by themselves deciding either to give 30 days' holiday at one time or at different times by reducing the 50 days of winter and summer holidays to 30 days.