Secure Nuniyas’ rights, says Yadav

Kathmandu, June 13:

Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum coordinator Upendra Yadav today demanded inclusion of the Nuniya community in the state mechanism.

Members of the Nuniya community, whose traditional occupation is preparing soda and salt, have now switched to agricultural cultivation.

Yadav said this while addressing an interaction here today.

“The Nuniyas are also victims of the prejudiced acts of the past governments but now they cannot remain aloof and be discriminated against,” said Yadav.

Yadav was of the view that there should be inclusive democracy in the new Nepal where Nuniyas’ rights are also secured.

Yadav said his party was planning to present the to-be-formed new government with a plan designed to secure the basic needs of the underprevileged groups.

“Government of national unity is the need of hour to find a way out of the present political deadlock,” he maintained.

Ram Chandra Mahato Nuniya, president of the Nepal Nuniya Utahan Sangh, said: “The Nuniya community is not properly represented in the state mechanism, their rights denied and are discriminated against by the so-called upper castes.”

Meena Pandey, a Constituent Assembly member, said the Nuniya community is gradually disappearing because people hesitate to mention their surnames as Nuniya.