"Self-isolation key to prevent COVID-19 spread"

KATHMANDU: The second person who recovered from COVID-19 and was discharged from hospital today shared that self-isolation is the key to prevent the coronavirus form spreading.

She was discharged from the Teku-based Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital today after fully recovering from the disease. She stayed in the health facility for 27 days.

The 19-year-old girl, in a candid interview today, stood bold and confident. She shared her experiences of and views on the coronavirus infection, and her process of recovery.

She went for a test on the fourth day of her return home after coming to know that her Vietnamese classmate with whom she had travelled had tested positive for the virus. Though she had strictly kept herself in self-isolation after returning, there were no symptoms at first. They started to appear only a few days after she tested positive.

Talking about her experience with the doctors, nurses, and health professionals at Teku hospital, she said she was very satisfied with the hospital care and had no problem in that regard while hospitalised. "I could see that the doctors and nurses were invested in my treatment, not just professionally, but also at a personal level. They motivated me to get well."

When asked about what her symptoms were like, she explained that they were categorised as mild. Nevertheless, she experienced some difficulty in breathing, pain in her abdomen, coughing and fatigue.

She went on to express her gratefulness for getting the care and attention that she did at the hospital but added that not everyone in the country might be that lucky. "There may be many people who are not able to reach the isolation facilities," she said, and acknowledging the steps taken by the government, she appealed the government to extend its support to increase the reach of such facilities so that everyone can get the required treatment.

To the public, her message is to self-isolate if they experience any symptoms related to the coronavirus infection and to carry out tests. She said, if she had not self isolated herself as she did upon her return, the virus could have spread to more people around her. But she believes her family tested negative because she had taken the strict measure at the very beginning.

As measures of prevention, she urges everyone to protect themselves and stay safe by using available safety items such as masks, gloves, and glasses. The other most important measure she suggested was to avoid unnecessary mobility.

To others who are infected with COVID-19 and still under treatment, she urged them to remain patient and keep their will-power intact. She said, though it may take time, recovery is possible and that her recovery was a process where she was tested constantly. The symptoms of this ailment is such that it might scare a person but patience will help, she added.

Last but not the least, she said she would like to use her recovery as an opportunity to help others in their path of recovery by donating her plasma and urges others who recover to do the same.

VIDEO: Second person recovering from COVID-19 shares experience