Sitaula wants police force restructured

Kathmandu, June 7:

Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula today urged the Nepal Police to begin homework to restructure its organisational setup along federal line.

Sitaula directed police officers gathered at the Nepal Police Club to win hearts at a time when the country has entered into a new era through a bloodless revolution.

“People have high expectations from the state. Police administration cannot be strong without winning hearts. The police should change its working style if it wants to win hearts,” he Home Minister said.

Home Secretary Umesh Mainali said the police organisation needs to be people-oriented.

“Maintaining transperancy is a new challenge for the Nepal Police. It has to combat criminal groups, who are killing people every day,” he added.

He said the government will honour the police personnel killed during the 10-year-long insurgency with posthumous promotion.

Inspector General of Nepal Police, Om Bikram Rana, called on police officers to work for the country.

“You should always help people, who come to police station. Without winning people’s trust, the Nepal police cannot control crimes and maintain law and order.” He said it was the job of the Nepal Police to help government.