Smart app makes policing more effective

Kathmandu, October 4

The Metropolitan Police Office seems to be making great use of ‘Hamro Police’ mobile app in controlling crimes in the Valley.

The app, which was launched on July 6, enables users within the Kathmandu Valley to swiftly report crime incidents, road accidents, and public complaints to the police via smart phones. The law enforcement agency on Thursday arrested a person from Kerabari, Morang, for allegedly posting a message on Facebook that read, “At least 47 persons were killed and 52 others injured when a bomb went off on the Nepal-India border.

Further details to follow...” Bijaya Adhikari aka Birat, an employee of Morang-based KU Academy, had posted the message, causing unnecessary panic among the public.

The Metropolitan Police Crime Division began an investigation after an FIR against Adhikari was received through the Hamro Police mobile app.

On Tuesday, police held Akhtar Ali of Bhalubang, Dang, after he posted a message on Facebook, saying, “Petrol per litre Rs 165, only serious buyers inbox me.”

The law enforcement agency followed Ali after a Facebook user lodged a complaint against him at the MPCD through the mobile app seeking action against him on the charge of black-marketing.

Officials said the mobile app has proven effective in receiving complaints and arresting crime suspects. Police have been able to make scores of arrests with the help of the app.

Smart phone users in the Valley can report any kind of crime with pictorial and documentary evidence through the app. The app helps pin-point the exact location of the incident and enable the police to respond immediately.

The app was created with the aim of reaching out to Valley residents in a more effective way. The current functions of the app include reporting incidents, locating nearest police stations, lodging non-emergency complaints, SMS reporting in case of unavailability of internet connectivity and thanking honest and committed police officers for their service.

The app is based on iOS and Android platform. According to the police, it has created a platform to enable all smart phone users to participate in crime reduction and deter potential criminals. The app also provides security tips and notices to the public.