Special security plan ‘paying off’

KATHMANDU: Criminal activities in the Kathmandu Valley have fallen significantly after the introduction of the Special Security Plan (SSP) 2009, which came into force in September across the country, law enforcement agencies reported today.

Police Commissioner AIG Kalyan Kumar Timsina said Nepal Police, Armed Police Force

and National Investigation Department were receiving positive responses

regarding their move

to curb crime.

“We have succeeded in fighting criminal activities in all three districts in

the Valley implementing the SSP. The police are mobilising all the available resources to keep vigil at crime-prone zones,” he said, anticipating public support in the regard.

The SSP has come in handy for preventing

road obstruction and in ensuring supply of essential services. Police claimed that crime cases have dropped by about 70 per cent ever since the implementation of the SSP.

SP Nawa Raj Silwal, in charge of Metropolitan Police Range Hanumandhoka, said the innovative strategy had been crucial in maintaining law and order in the society. He expressed satisfaction at the improving state of security affairs. SP Kedar Man Singh Bhandari, in charge of Metropolitan Police Range Lalitpur, said more criminals had been held due to the joint efforts of the security agencies.

According to statistics, the police have taken

action against 996 persons in the Valley for going

on the rampage in

public places under the influence of liquor or drug. Between July 31 and September 16, the police collected Rs 610,300 by fining Rs 1,000 per instance of crime as per the Local Administration Act.

The traffic police have also gone harsh against the offenders-on-the-road, collecting sizeable revenue from the action. SP Rabi Raj Shrestha said, “We collected Rs 1,250,275 as fine this September, compared to Rs 683,250 and Rs 246,850 in the

corresponding period

of the fiscal year 2006/07 and 2007/08, respectively”. According to him, as many as 7,475 vehicles were booked between September 17 and October 11, collecting Rs 1,063,810 in revenue.

The SSP is implemented in order to bolster peace and security, end the culture of impunity and protect human rights in the country amid an outrage of opposition forces.