Species of winter migratory birds arrive

Kathmandu: More than 150 species of winter migratory birds have arrived in Nepal from the northern hemisphere to spend the winter season here. winter migratory birds

According to ornithologists, almost all migratory birds have arrived in the wetlands of Kathmandu and other areas of the country.

Ornithologist Dr Hemsagar Baral said winter migratory birds began to enter Nepal since September. “All winter migratory birds have reached the wetlands in Nepal. Now tourists and bird lovers can enjoy bird-watching in the wetlands and jungles.” Ornithologist Baral told The Himalayan Times. He also added that they were holding winter migratory bird count from the first week of January.

He said besides regular species of migratory birds, two more species of unusual birds were recorded this year in the wetlands of Pokhara and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Of them, greater white-fronted goose was sighted in Fewa Lake of Pokhara in December. Similarly, three birds of the species were recorded in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. It is the native species of Siberia. It has been said that this bird has been sighted in Nepal only once earlier. Baral said the bird might have been sighted in Nepal this year due to extreme cold climate in the northern arctic countries. “If a bird that breeds in extreme arctic areas visits Nepal with other regular species, this means the weather of Siberia, among other areas, are becoming unfavorable for them to breed,” he added.

Greater adjutant, which was last sighted in Nepal in January 1995, was recorded in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve this December after a hiatus of 22 years. It is the native species of Assam and Guwahati of India.

Most species of winter migratory birds come to Nepal from China, Mongolia, Korea, Siberian region of Russia and central Asia.

In Nepal, September to December is the migration time of winter birds. During this autumn migration, some special birds pass through Nepal. One of these is the highest flying migratory bird the bar-headed goose, which is known to cross the mighty Himalayas on its journey to and from its summer and winter quarters.

Bird specialists say a flock of these birds was once observed flying at the height of 9,375 metres above Mount Everest. These are quite large birds and weigh up to 2.5 kg. Similarly, duck species like ruddyshel, mallard, gadwall, common teal, northern pintail, woodsand piper, green shank, thrushes, fly catcher, leaf wabblers, booted eagle, among others, have come Nepal to spend winter.