KATHMANDU: The chairman of the Constitutional Committee, Nilambar Acharya, today said the constitution can be promulgated within stipulated time only if a "miracle" happens. He also said the three major political parties will fail if they fail to meet the May 28 deadline.

Speaking at the inauguration of the 11th General Assembly of the Ganesh Man Singh Study Academy today, Acharya said, "The three major political parties should unite again to write the statute and take the peace process to a logical conclusion so as to materialise people's wish."

Recalling Singh's vision on unity and consensus, Acharya said there is a need for unity and consensus to establish a federal democratic republic. "Otherwise, we have to face the dark age again like in the Panchayat system 20 years ago," he said. "The past agreements should be implemented to create a conducive atmosphere." Acharya was uncertain about parties meeting the May 28 deadline. "I can't say anything for sure right now. For a timely statute, there has to be a miracle," he said.

Senior CPN-UML leader Bharat Mohan Adhikary said UML was ready to leave the government if the Maoists dissolved the YCL, returned seized property and implemented past agreements.

He added that Ganesh Man Singh refused the post of prime minister as well as party president. "This is the politics of contribution. The Maoists should realise this and work for the nation, people and democracy by transcending partisan interests," he said. "This is not the right time to topple the government and form a new one but to move ahead with unity, consensus and peace for the statute." "Only three or four major issues such as state restructuring and system of governance need to be finalised. These issues can be resolved if political parties are committed."

Maoist spokesperson Dina Nath Sharma said, "If the incumbent government cannot solve the problem, it should pave the way for a new one.