Strict laws sought to control violence against women

KATHMANDU: Strict laws have been sought to control sexual violence against women working in the entertainment sector.

Various participants from different walks of life, speaking at an interaction programme jointly organised by Women Development Office (WDO) under the Department of Women and Children and Biswas Nepal in Kathmandu, on Thursday, strongly raised their voice against violence against women.

The participants also opined that strict laws should be enacted to control sexual violence against women working at dance bars and restaurants so that they would not be lured with the motive of economic benefits.

During the programme, WDO Chief Officer Anita Adhikari said that with prevalent impunity, children and women have been excessively exploited at dance bars and restaurants. Adhikari also stressed on monitoring on such sectors to control anomalies and to establish those works as dignified jobs.

Meanwhile, media person Rupa Sharma shared that those who collect information about the numbers of workers at dance bars and restaurants for their research have been facing various threats.

Likewise, Assistant Chief District Officer of Kathmandu Lalit Adhikari expressed his commitment that the government would provide necessary support to control abuse and violence against Women.