Kathmandu, September 29 Nine-student unions affiliated to various political parties, including the ruling Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML, today handed over a memorandum to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon through Jamie McGoldrick, resident coordinator of the UN, regarding the unofficial blockade imposed by India at border checkpoints. The student unions requested the UN to work in favor of the people of Nepal and not be wrongly persuaded by anti-Nepal interest groups. They assured that if any question remains unanswered in the constitution regarding the rights of certain groups, they would campaign for that cause unitedly.

“Change has to come through a definite process and for now it is through parliament,” reads the memorandum. It states that a landlocked country like Nepal can stand on its own without compromising on its integrity and sovereignty only because of the protection by the UN Charter. “But unfortunately, Nepal is feeling vulnerable and isolated now. We wish to draw the world attention through the UN to how Nepal has been penalized by its southern neighbour,” reads the memo, adding, “With a lame excuse of security threats to vehicles coming to Nepal, India has imposed an unofficial blockade depriving the country of all essentials, including petroleum products.” Students unions have commented that the rights of landlocked countries were granted by the Vienna Convention of 1965. Hence, as a member of UN, Nepal has a right to demand that the UN resolve the current crisis. The unions also reaffirmed that the constitution of the new republic has institutionalised federalism, proportional representation, inclusion and secularism through 91 per cent CA members’ vote and if any group seeks to suspend the achievements so far, they would not be in favour of Nepal’s integrity and sovereignty.