Five student unions today staged a sit-in at the Depot of Nepal Oil Corporation, Thankot, against the petroleum products' price hike.

The agitating students have announced closure of petrol pumps across the country and obstructed the fuel supply from Thankot Depot. Nepal Students Union, All Nepal National Independent Students Union (ANNISU-Revolutionary), All Nepal National Free Students Union led by Madhav Kumar Nepal, Socialist Students Union led by Upendra Yadav and Akhil Sixth have forged an alliance to protest against the hike in the price of petro-products. They gathered at Thankot for the sit-in that kicked off at 9:30am.

According to Depot Chief Abhishek Thakur, supply has been obstructed due to the protest carried out by students.

"The students have been gathering in the main entrance of the depot since this morning," he said.

Today's protest, however, is not likely to cause immediate shortage of petroleum products as majority of the pumps had received supplies last evening.

According to Nepal Petroleum Dealers' National Association, some petrol pumps in Kathmandu valley remained shut today due to the students' protest, while most of the dealers remained open.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 15 2021, of The Himalayan Times.