Students stage chakkajam

Kathmandu, August 30:

The eight agitating student unions today organised chakkajam in front of Valley campuses to protest police intervention in the students’ demonstration held against hike in the price of petroleum products in Nuwakot yesterday. The agitators obstructed the movement of vehicles for half-an-hour in front of Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus and Nepal Law Campus at the Exhibition Road.

The students also organised an hour-long chakkajam in front of Amrit Science Campus from 8 am this morning. According to Bal Gopal Upadhyaya, central member of the All Nepal National Free Students Union, the students organised an-hour-long chakkajam in front of Patan Multiple Campus at Laliptur and Tri-Chandra Campus at Ghantaghar from 2 pm. The student bodies also took out a protest rally at Panauti, Kavre, against police intervention in Nuwakot, where three students were hurt when police fired bullets at students’ rally.

The eight student unions have condemned the firing.