KATHMANDU: Vice chairperson of Constituent Assembly Purna Kumari Subedi today launched the Nepali translation of the French constitution amidst a function organised in the capital by the French Embassy.
Subedi thanked the French Embassy for the Nepali translation of the French constitution and said it would be a reference while drafting the new constitution.
French Ambassador Gills-Henry Garault said his embassy translated the constitution considering that it would provide intellectual input to the CA members and intelligentsia while drafting Nepal’s new constitution.
The French statute has given more power to the President, who is elected directly by the people. PM is responsible to the parliament. First adopted in 1950, the French constitution gave more power to the President than the prime minister in 1958 due to a political instability.
In 1982, President Francoise Mitterrand delegated more power to the regional governments though France is a centralised state. Yvon Collin, a visiting French senator, appreciated Nepal’s rich history, culture and diversity. He said the French parliament had formed a Nepal-France friendship group to support the cause of development in Nepal. He suggested addressing the public aspiration while writing the statute. French constitution contains only 89 Articles.