Suryabinayak folks demand water, road improvement in exchange for votes

BHAKTAPUR: Krishna Bahadur Shrestha (84), local resident of Sirutar, Suryabinayak Municipality-1, asked the Member of Parliament-elect Mahesh Basnet from Bhaktapur Constituency No. 2 to provide them with water supply in return of the votes they cast.

Hearing this request from an elderly citizen, both Basnet and elected Provincial Assembly member Shashi Jung Thapa, who were visiting Sirutar in a victory rally were enthralled. Shrestha told both the victorious representatives, as he congratulated them with Tika and garland, “We have the taps but no water. We voted for you and now please give us water.”

When the locals of Sirutar expressed their difficulty of not getting water despite making monthly payments, Basnet and Thapa assured the locals that they would arrange for running water within six months.

The election victory rally started from the Gupteshwar Temple that lies at the convergence of Balkot and Sirutar. The newly-elected lawmakers visited door-to-door in the area receiving congratulations from the locals as well as their request for addressing the acute drinking water problem they face, alongside the improvement of roads, and proper sewage system.

On the occasion, the locals pointed out the difficulty they were facing due to lack of water and also requested to solve the problem, alongside other demands.

Another local Madan Bahadur Giri (60) complained that they were not getting water for years despite being in the lower region, since the Sirutar Drinking Water Consumers' Committee had not paid attention.

Addressing the victory rally held on the premises of Somalingeshwar Mahadev Temple at Sirutar, MP-elect Basnet pledged to do his best to resolve the problems being faced by the locals. State Assembly member-elect Sashi Jung Thapa, on the other hand, committed to working for addressing the local problems, stressing the need to develop Sirutar as a religious tourism destination.

(With inputs from Rastriya Samachar Samiti)