Suryabinayak Municipality to reconstitute SMCs

Bhaktapur, February 2

Surybinayak Municipality has decided to reconstitute school management committees of all public schools in the municipality.

The municipality said it took the decision for proper management of pubic schools. Under the federal set-up, local levels have been given the authority to manage and run public schools.

According to Chiranjivi Timsina, chief administrative officer of the municipality, the SMCs were being reconstituted in a bid to improve the quality of education in public schools.

“Education rules and regulation have been passed by the municipal assembly on January 12. As per the new rule, ward chair or member can be appointed chairperson of a school management committee.”

Timsina said they had already informed public schools about the decision. “We will form new SMCs in all public schools soon,” he added. There are 40 public schools in the municipality. The municipality is also planning to merge schools with few students.

“Reconstituting the SMCs will be our first step towards bringing about reforms in school education. We will also manage competent teachers for the schools,” he added.