System to rescue missing kids soon

Kathmandu, November 18:

The government is all set to launch the National Help Line (NHL) system with an aim to locate and rescue the missing children. The system will also bring down the incidences of abduction and trafficking of children and other criminal activities related to children through a strong networking system.

Following the formation of the Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB) on October 13, a strategy has been adopted to set up a system that would deal with the issues of trafficking, missing children, physical injured and sexually exploited children.

It would also focus on awareness programmes about the children’s involvement in criminal activities.

The office would be set up in the Social Welfare Council’s building in Bhrikuti Mandap where police and other staffs connected with all other children helpline services will attend the office 24-hours a day.

Once the information on a child is registered in the system, it would be disseminated in electronic as well as print media.

Under the coordination of CCWB, National Coordination Committee (NCC) has been set up to make policy level decisions regarding the NHL.

The National Coordination Committee include CCWB, Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare, Nepal Police, Department of Information, Social Welfare Council, Federation of Nepalese Journalists, Nepal Television, Radio Nepal, National News Agency, Child NGO-Federation Nepal and Association of INGOs and three NGOs working for children.

The National Help Line will be run with the financial support from Child Rescue Fund (CRF) under the coordination of Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB). The seven-member board of directors of the Child Rescue Fund comprising of police, CCWB, NGOs, each would contribute Rs 5,000.

International non-government organisation, non-government organisations, members of civil society, entrepreneurs, industrialists and individual donors would also contribute financially for running the system.