Tamangs back Tharus’ stir

Kathmandu, March 12:

The Nepal Tamang National Federation (NTNF) has expressed solidarity with the movement of Tharus in the Tarai.

“Our organisation expresses solidarity with the ongoing movement of the Tharus, indigenous communities, Muslims and Dalits, who are protesting the government’s bid to enlist them as Madhesis,” said Shyam Tamang, general secretary, NTNF. He was addressing a press conference here today.

Tamang said the meeting of the federation has decided to ask the government to shift a Nepal Army camp from the ancient palace of a Ghising king at Talche Danda of Ramechhap district. “The government should preserve the historical palace, a treasure of the nation,” he added.

The federation has also urged the government to implement ILO Convention 169. Tamang warned of protests if the government failed to heed to their demands.