Teacher expelled for speaking for dalits

KATHMANDU: A school teacher was expelled from the school in Kailali district in the west for raising an issue of discrimination facing Dalit students.

Pushpa Karki of Shree Sarashwoti Lower Secondary School in Kailali was fired from the school when she raised an issue of untouchability practised in her school.

Karki said her Dalit students were prevented from touching a statue of goddess Sarashwati - considered as goddess of knowledge by Hindus.

She said that the Dalit students were being prevented from touching drinking water.

"When I objected to the practice, the school administration and other Dalit organisations accused me of trying to attain popularity by advocating Dalits' rights," she said.

Talking to The Himalayan Times, the schoolteacher said she was subjected to physical and mental torture by non-Dalits.

The teacher also said she was threatened by some non-governmental organisations in the district.

Meanwhile, National Information Commission has issued a notice to the school asking the latter to furnish details as to why Karki was expelled from the school and provide her pending salary.