• Local levels cannot appoint teachers on their own
Kathmandu, March 14 Although the Local Government Operation Act has authorised the local levels to manage and regulate the education sector, they are not allowed to appoint teachers before the provincial governments formulate necessary laws. However, some local levels such as Madhyabindu Municipality in Province 4, Sikhar Municipality in Province 7, Purbichauki Rural Municipality in Province 7, Aathrai Rural Municipality in Province 1 and Jugal Rural Municipality in Province 3 have appointed temporary teachers. Madhyabindu Municipality has appointed teachers for three schools. Likewise, Jugal Rural Municipality has appointed 28 teachers. Tej Bahadur Bogati, a local of Doti, said he had submitted a complaint against the municipality officials at District Coordination Committee and the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority. Likewise, Nepal Teachers’ Association has been staging protest against the appointment of teachers by Aathrai Rural Municipality. According to Hari Lamsal, joint secretary at Ministry of Education, local levels cannot appoint and transfer teachers without formulation of provincial laws. Likewise, a local level does not have the right to appoint permanent teachers. “Local levels may appoint temporary teachers in coordination with District Education Office, but such an action will be considered illegal until the provinces formulate relevant laws,” he said. Secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said local levels should form five-member teachers selection committee for the purpose. “Such committees can hire temporary teachers to continue teaching-learning activities, but they cannot make permanent appointments before formulation of necessary laws.” Thapaliya added that although the local levels have been authorised to manage and regulate the education sector, they could not make appointments arbitrarily.