Thapa lauds SPA-Maoist agreement

Kathmandu, November 9:

Rastriya Janashakti Party (RJP) Chairman Surya Bahadur Thapa today termed the peace accord signed between the seven-party alliance and the Maoists as “significant achievement” aimed at establishing permanent peace and stability in the country.

“This has been a good beginning and an exemplery agreement,” Thapa further said while referring to many peace processes, which have failed in many South Asian countries. Thapa, who is also a former prime minister, said the issue of arms management is based more on faith, which is also an issue of courage and understanding.

He has, however, raised concern saying that the peace agreement is “quiet” on addressing issues concerning the Maoist militia, weapons, threats and fear, which is still prevalent among the people in villages and districts.

“These issues should have been addressed,” a statement signed by Thapa said warning that such issues would show effect in the future politics and even in the “nature and character” of the constituent assembly.