Third family member of Sun City apartment tests negative on PCR

KATHMANDU: Third family member of the Sun City apartment, who was admitted to a hospital with other members of her family after testing positive for COVID-19 antibodies on Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT), has tested negative for the infection.

A family of three -- an 81-year-old woman, her 58-year-old son, and 52-year-old daughter-in-law -- had tested positive for antibodies of COVID-19 when they were tested through the RDT method. Following this, they were admitted to Patan Hopital in Lalitpur on Monday night.

On Tuesday, the laboratory test results of the woman and her son came out positive for the coronavirus infection while that of the daughter-in-law came out negative. She was re-tested.

The Ministry of Health and Population confirmed in its media briefing today that the daughter-in-law has tested negative for the virus yet again.

RDT was carried out on 298 residents of the apartment complex today to ensure that nobody else has contracted the contagion. All 298 residents along with the domestic staff of the family have tested negative on RDT.

Spokesperson at the Ministry of Health, Dr Bikash Devkota, said that Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test is being conducted on samples collected from the domestic staff to avoid any possible risk of spread.