Kathmandu, May 27:

What’s broken

The locals of Teku Bhansar near Kalimati are facing difficulty because of the snapped wires lying on the pavement and the drainage since last few months.

“The unclaimed wires pose accident risks and many people trip them,” said Shyam Maharjan, owner of the Shyam Bookshop. The wires are lying in front of his shop situated opposite the National Trading Limited sales office.

Three months ago a car hit an electricity pole belonging to the Nepal Electricity Authority during the night and snapped wires fixed on it. Following complaint from locals, some wires have been removed but there are still some hanging from the snapped pole, Maharjan said.

The wires have not only increased the possibility of accidents but also cause difficulty for the commuters to walk along the roadside.

“Nepal government’s apathy to concerns of the public is not hidden from anyone,” Maharjan said. “We know who to ask to remove the wires,” he added.

He said the NEA and Nepal Telecom both removed their wires and left some, saying it did not belong to them.

Who’s responsible

We have already put the wires belonging to the Nepal Telecom in order. I have come to know that the remaining wires belong to the Nepal Army. We have not touched the wires belonging to the army as we have no authority. We have not even informed the Nepal Army about the condition of the wire because we don’t know which section of the army looks after the maintenance of wires.

—Jhabindra Lal Upadhyay, Office Head, Nepal Telecom, Teku Branch Office.