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LALITPUR: The road linking Manbhawan and Pulchowk in Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City is in a deplorable condition, needing urgent maintenance.

Saha Dev Khadka, a Machagal resident, said, "The road was blacktopped four years back. Ever since, only gravel and soil has been laid in the name of maintenance." He added that digging the road during rainy season had been a nuisance for everyone. Khadka said, "I hope authorities concerned will maintain the road properly." Yodha Thapa, a pedestrian, commented, "I have been using this road regularly. No repair has been carried out. Rather, I see people digging the road."

Bishnu Gurung, a cart pusher, lamented that the contractors had taken too long in carrying out the so-called repairs by filling in gravel.

As the gravel mounds stand everywhere on the road, it had been difficult for him to push his thela. "Accidents are frequent thanks to the numerous potholes on the road," Kumari Maharjan, a vendor said. Besides polluting the area with dust in dry weather, muddy surface causes people to slip during the rainy season.