What’s fixed?

Madhyapur Thimi, August 21

The locals of Lokanthali in Madhyapur Thimi-16 have recently rebuilt a three-storied temple of Koshinda Ganesh in Pagoda style with the financial support from the Newar community living around the temple.

The height of the 132-year-old temple has been raised by three feet at an initiation of Jit Lal Kutu, president of the Koshinda temple building committee. The temple was constructed by Kutu’s ancestors. The temple covers an area of 6 annas of land with a separate building for devotees to chant hymns to please the gods and goddesses. The temple contains the idols of Koshinda Ganesh and is surrounded by four-feet walls on three sides. The project cost Rs seven lakh.

During October/November every year the devotees pray lord Ganesh whole night, light traditional lamps and worship the God with the grains they have at their homes. During Janaipurnima and Gaijatra, the Newar community performs a mask dance in the temple.

Who set it right?

The temple used to get flooded during the rainy season, as its surface was lower that the surface of the road. Rainwater used to get accumulated on the temple premises. We asked the municipality for financial support, but it remained indifferent to our appeal; hence we started the construction of the temple on our own.

Jit Lal Kutu, president of the Koshinda temple committee