tht watch : What’s broken

Kathmandu, Sept 23:

The road in front of Boudhanath Stupa, a World Heritage Site, is in bad shape, deteriorating the image of the monument.

With many large potholes on 435-metre road from Boudhanath to Pipalbot, vehicles plying on the road have been facing a lot of problems and the whole area sees traffic jam most of the time.

Locals formed Boudha Main Road Repair and Expansion Committee on their own initiative to maintain the road. The committee pulled down the footpath two months ago to repair the road. But no construction work has begun after dismantling the footpath.

Following this, locals and passers-by complain of additional trouble due to speeding vehicles kicking up dust.

Nirmala Lama, member secretary Boudha Area Conservation Committee, said they had promised to donate Rs 1.5 million to the committee to repair the road and gave Rs 400,000 two months ago.

Lama said the construction work was stalled and the persons concerned have not asked for money.

BMRREC coordinator Jit Lama said they were unable to continue the work in the lack of

financial support from the Department of Roads (DoR).

As soon as the DoA allocates budget, the construction would begin, he said.

Not only the Stupa-Pipalbot road is in bad shape, Chuchhepati-Dakshindhoka road is also in a dilapidated condition.

Who’s responsible:

We have demanded

Rs 30 million from the government for the construction of Chuchhepati-Dakshindhoka road. If the demanded budget is released, the construction work would begin soon. We would immediately invite tenders for construction.

— Tulasi Sitaula,

director general,

Department of Roads