Kathmandu, July 1:

Maitighar Mandala is gradually losing its beauty and ambience, thanks to the apathy the authorities concerned have shown towards it.

Continuous protests and mass meetings have put the beauty and value of the Mandala in danger.

Since a long time the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has not mowed the lawn and has not cleaned the human excreta and other wastes there. Mandala’s colours too have faded. People living near the Mandal point to the neglect the concerned bodies have been showing.

Bikash Thapa of Ratna Pustak Bhandar said the Mandala has not been used for what it was constructed. It was built to attract tourists but has become the venue of umpteen protests and mass meetings, he said. The demonstrators leave all kinds of waste there making it hard for those living and working nearby, he complained.

A traffic personnel, Bishal Thapa, said the KMC had not cleaned the Mandala since long. A place of religious importance like this needed to be cleaned regularly, he added.

A local, Sanu Maya Tamang, said tall grass growth littered with human excreta made it hard to walk on Mandala lawn.

However, the KMC’s department of environment management chief Rabin Shrestha said he was not aware that Mandala had turned into a dirty place. He did not see any need to clean Mandala regularly. He also ruled out painting Mandala again.