Toilet survey sees a stinking story

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 3:

The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has been formulating policies regarding hygiene

and health hazards, but contrary to its preaching the toilets at the MoHP itself are in a pathetic state. A survey by the Nepalese Federation of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ), revealed the pathetic condition of the MoHP’s toilets, which neither have facility for washing the hands with soap nor towels. “MoHP has not been practicing what it is preaching,” said Deepak Pandey, a journalist who carried out the research. A survey of toilets conducted in 51 institutes including government offices, corporations, educational institutions, showed that 95 percent of respondents were ignorant of the ongoing 6th National Sanitation Week that started on May 10. Presenting the findings of the survey on Awareness and Knowledge on Cleanliness, he said, “The survey targeted at the supposedly aware classes of Kathmandu only revealed their negligence.” The study also revealed that though 71 per cent of the institutes have facilities for women, they are not well-facilitated. Only 10 per cent of the toilets had separate facilities for physically handicapped, such as in hospitals and nursing homes.