‘Traffic police working sincerely’

Kathmandu, January 13

Traffic police are often blamed for troubling motorists unnecessarily for the sake of earning extra buck. However, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has defended itself by saying that there is no provision of commission for cops who catch the motorists violating traffic rules.

Rumours are rife among the general public that traffic cops get a certain percentage of the fine charged on traffic rule violators.

According to Superintendent of Police Dambar BK at Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, the government now provides incentives instead of commission to traffic police to motivate them to be more vigilant on streets. “Considering the difficulty they have to face on streets amidst dust and pollution, incentive given by the government has encouraged them to do their duty sincerely,” he said.

“Though no commission is given, traffic police are doing their duty with sincerity,” said BK. In the earlier years of rule implementation, traffic police had to take action against more people in comparison to later years but till date, traffic cops have not troubled people without any reason and no action is taken against people without violating traffic rules, according to SP BK.