Training for promotion of tradition

Kathmandu, February 22:

A two-month-long training on hand knitting concluded here today.

The training was organised by the Eighteen Magarat Magar Language-Culture Development Academy (EMMLCDA) with assistance from the National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NFDIN).

Vice-chairman of the NFDIN Jitpal Kirat said this kind of training programme helps preserve the ancient art and skills of the Magar people. He said the tradition and culture of the Magars can be preserved more effectively if the nation is divided into autonomous states.

Chairman of the EMMLCD Bomkumari Budamagar said the training, apart from helping the trainees take to income-generating activities, has also helped the entire Magar society preserve hand knitting, their traditional occupation. “I am happy not because I learnt hand knitting, I am happy because I learnt my traditional skill,” said Gaumati Ghale, a trainee, adding that she will impart training on hand knitting to other interested people.