Training held for women journos

Kathmandu, July 19

Working Women Journalists today organised a ‘creative memory and mind management training’ as part of its regular programme called ‘Sunday Club’ for working journalists from various media houses.

Speaking at the training programme, Dr Nabal Pajiyar, an expert in mind management technique, said our mind is symmetrical. “The right part of our brain stores pictures, colours and others, while the left part stores numbers,” he said, adding, “If we want to store any information for a long time, we need to store them in the right part of our brain through certain memory techniques.”

He said it was important to understand things and store them in the right way so that we could recall them when needed.

Dr Pajiyar, who has organised mind management training in various countries, said women must be respected.

“Many people still dominate women. This obstructs their development and prevents them from realising their full potential. These types of training helps increase positivity and boost memory,” he added.