'Translator Identity Trust' in the offing

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Academy will be setting up a 'Translator Identity Trust' for translators rendering literature in Nepali language and from Nepali language into English and other languages.

At the National Literature Seminar, Academy's Translation Department Head,  Usha Thakur, said preparations were being made to establish the trust within this year.

On the occasion, Tribhuvan University's lecturer Bal Ram Adhikari presented a working paper titled 'Translator Identity Trust – Vision, Development and Challenges' and said the translators render the literary works, spread it and take it to the readers.

A six-member committee has been formed under the aegis of  Thakur for creating the trust. The committee is tasked with collecting information on the translators, developing an identity data based on the information and editing it.

Govinda Raj Bhattarai has been chosen as the executive director of the project in which Yogendra Prasad Yadav, Nabin Chitrakar, Bal Ram Adhikari, Jayadev Bhattarai and Madhav Lamichane will be collecting the data and editing it.

At the seminar, translator Tirtha Prasad Bhattarai –senior executive editor with the National News Agency (RSS) – said the translation of Nepali literature into different languages and from different languages into Nepali language would contribute towards expanding the scope of publicity of literature, art and culture.

He stressed on the need to bring into light the translators and translated materials that have remained missing.