Transport strike affects life in Valley

KATHMANDU: Normal life in the Kathmandu Valley has been affected due to the nationwide transport strike (chakka jam) enforced by transport entrepreneurs and workers on Thursday.

The transport entrepreneurs and workers enforced the nationwide transport strike to protest against the government’s decision to hike fine for violation of traffic rules.

The government on May 15 had increased the fine for violation of traffic rules through an amendment to Section 164 of the Motor Vehicle and Transport Management Act, 1993.

As per the notification of amendment published in Nepal Gazette, any person caught violating traffic rules will be punished with a fine of minimum Rs 500 and maximum Rs 1,500. Earlier, the fine for traffic rule violation was Rs 25 to Rs 200.

DSP Gyanendra Pakhrin of the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division said that no public vehicles except those carrying most essential goods were plying on the road in the Capital today.