TSC mulls doubling full marks for written exam

Bhaktapur, January 4

Teachers Service Commission, an autonomous body for hiring permanent teachers at the school level is mulling over increasing the full marks for the written exam conducted in the open competition for permanent teachers in community schools.

Currently, the applicants for permanent teachers sit for exams of 100 marks. The commission is planning to double the full marks in the near future.

Sudarshan Marahattha, spokesperson, TSC, today said that they were doing homework to conduct exams of 200 full marks for open competition of permanent teachers in the coming days.

He said, “We have been planning to take 100 marks exam of general questions and another 100 marks questions will be based on the knowledge of the respective subject the aspirant has applied for.”

Marahattha informed that the organisation has to amend the TSC regulation through ministerial-level decision to bring changes in the conduct of open competition exams.

Currently, the TSC is taking 100 full marks exam for teachers teaching licence where 20 marks questions are objective type and 80 marks are subjective questions.

“We have been facing so many difficulties in conducting teaching licence exam and exams for permanent teachers therefore we are holding discussions with experts and technical committees for bringing changes in the regulations,” he added.

The TSC is also mulling over issuing subject-wise teaching licence, which need to be renewed every five years.

The Commission is going to put the proposal to the Ministry of Education regarding amendment to TSC regulations.

“TSC is an autonomous body as per Article 243 of the Constitution, therefore it should have a separate act to operate the organisation,” he said, adding, “We urge the government and others who are concerned about the issue to pay attention towards this so that we don’t have to rely on others for changes in our rules and regulations.”

Some provisions of the Education Act and TSC regulations contradict, therefore the commission is also studying this and trying to make changes.