TU convocation day unlikely this year again

Kathmandu, July 11:

The Tribhuvan University (TU) may not be able to hold its annual convocation day this year also as the posts of the rector and the registrar are still lying vacant.

The ceremony could not be held last year as the TU was without a vice-chancellor, the rector and the registrar.

Though the government recently appointed Dr Madhav Sharma the vice-chancellor of the university, the meeting of the TU council that will decide on the grace list cannot be held in the absence of the rector and the registrar. The TU’s annual convocation day falls on November 23. “The TU council’s meeting that is held on July 23 every year is not likely this time around also,” Prem Krishna Chitrakar, the chief of the TU Information Section, said.

He said that the convocation day is a special day when students of all faculties will get their

certificates. “Certificates are not given to the students if the convocation is not held,” he said.

Students applying abroad for further studies are facing difficulties as they are not getting the original certificates, Chitrakar said. TU had been holding the convocation day ever since it was set up in 1959.