Two sample of rice recommended

The seed recommendation subcommittee of the National Seed Committee has recommended cultivation of two rice species – Manjushree-2 and Khumal-11 – in the Kathmandu valley. The new rice varieties were developed in Nepal by a team of experts led by Kedar Prasad Shrestha after 13 years of experimentation in the valley and Agriculture Research Centre in Khumlatar, according to a press release of Nepal Agriculture Research Centre (NARC). While the Manjushree-2 is said to yield 8,300 kg in a single hectare of land and the production of Khumal-11 is estimated to be 7,700 kg. NARC has requested farmers to use a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the land for a better yield of the two recommended new rice species. The centre has recommended a total of 46 new varieties of rice after its establishment.