UCPN-M pledges efforts to maintain solidarity among big three parties

UCPN-M Spokesperson Dinanath Sharma said the office bearers’ meeting decided to convince the two largest parties – Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML to honour the gentlemen’s agreement.

UML and UCPN-M leaders have been saying that there was a gentlemen’s agreement to make UML Chair KP Sharma Oli the prime minister after promulgation of the constitution. He said it would send a wrong message to the public if the parties did not abide by the gentlemen’s agreement. Sharma said unity among the big three parties was necessary to amend the constitution in order to address the concerns of protesting Madhesi parties.

Asked what would the UCPN-M’s role be if both the NC and the UML decided to form a new government under their own leadership, Sharma said his party would first try to form a coalition government of the big three parties and would also try to bring Madhesi parties in the government.

Sharma said in case his party had to choose one of the two largest parties – the NC and the UML – to form the government, then it would take an appropriate decision after analysing entire situation.