UCPN-Maoist angry with govt over reconstruction inaction

KATHMANDU: The UCPN-Maoist has expressed its objection stating the government has not paid attention to the post-earthquake reconstruction campaign.

The party, which is also a partner of the incumbent coalition government, expressed its dissatisfaction over the earthquake-affected people not being able to build shelters, and the relief amount that the government had promised to the survivors not being distributed even though it is nearly a year since the devastating earthquake.

It also criticised the government for what it called very sluggish working style.

At a press conference organised at the party's central office at Parisdanda today, party spokesperson Dinanath Sharma also warned of leaving the government if the situation of the earthquake survivors did not improve.

"The people are compelled to live under the open sky. We will have to quit the government if the government does not extend support the quake survivors in constructing houses and shelters," he said.

Sharma also said that people's ire towards the government increased for it did not take any initiatives towards transporting food supplies to five districts of the Karnali zone and hilly districts of Seti and Mahakali zones, which were facing food shortage.

As much as 70,000 metric tonne food grains provided by Bangladesh is in a condition of rotting in the warehouses in the eastern region while no effort has been made towards distributing that to the people in the districts facing food shortage, Sharma said and expressed the party's frustration over government mechanism.

"People should feel of the presence of the government," he added.