KATHMANDU: The United Kingdom has said that it is closely following the final stages of the constitution making process in Nepal, expressing its hope that Nepal's new charter will be inclusive.

It further urged all the stakeholders to exercise restraint.

Issuing a statement on Wednesday, the British Minister for Asia, Hugo Swire, said, "The United Kingdom recognises the progress made by Nepal over the last few months towards the adoption of a new constitution. We are closely following the final stages of this process."

He further said the UK hopes that the new constitution will be inclusive, broadly supported and meet international standards on equality and respect for human rights, and lay the foundations of stability and prosperity as Nepal continues to rebuild following the devastating earthquake on 25 April.

"We urge all citizens to engage through discourse and peaceful, non-violent means, and for all sides to exercise restraint."

The Constituent Assembly, elected for the second time, is currently endorsing the draft constitution through voting.

The new constitution is set to be promulgated on September 20 amid violent protests in the southern Nepal.