Undemocratic step, irresponsible act: NC on ordinance issuance

KATHMANDU: Main opposition party Nepali Congress has labelled the government's move in introducing two ordinances to amend the provisions of splitting a political party and that of the constitutional council. as a condemnable and an irresponsible one.

"The whole world is unitedly confronting the larger threat that humanity is facing. The government's decision to issue this controversial bill is unfortunate and shows how insensitive it is towards the citizens' lives," NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba said in condemnation of the move.

Deuba further urged the government rise above petty power-games, withdraw the uncosntitutional act and fully concentrate on saving lives of the people.

"The time demands protection of people from the epidemic and the famine that could result out it. To engage in power-drive right now is like playing flute at odd hours, that can be saved for later. The government must correct its undemocratic and unconstitutional step."