Underage girls lured into prostitution: Police

KATHMANDU: Nepal Police have been arresting underage sex workers on a daily basis, claims a source in Metropolitan Police Division, Hanumandhoka.

The MPD source told The Himalayan Times, “More than 85

per cent of the sex workers

arrested are underage. These girls do not even know that they were sold to the bordello.”

“Some of the arrested girls are between the ages of 11 and 13 years. They are not aware about sex violence. Nor do they have any idea how brothels use them to earn money,” said the MPD source.

THT caught up with some of the sex workers apprehended from Fida Dance Bar in Kamalpokhari on Wednesday. Their names have been changed to protect their identities.

Eleven-year-old Jamuna Tamang, who is now in police custody, says: “I was sitting in a corner reading a magazine when the cops came. I am an orphan and came to Kathmandu three days back from Kavre. I was staying there with my uncle and aunt there. They brought me here and told me this is where I’ll be working and studying. But I don’t like it here. We don’t get restful

sleep at night. Boys and girls create a din. Numbers are belted out at

full blast. Some didis (senior girls) call me and ask me to peep through the door to learn what I have to do in a few days.”

“All didis enjoy what they do with the men out there. We get so much food and drinks. In my house, I hardly used to eat to my heart’s content. I enjoy the food there,” adds Tamang. Thirteen-year-old Babita Lama from Rukum says, “I had seen such places in television and films. My friend’s sister, who brought me here, told my parents everything and they happily sent me here. Mine is a poor family. There’s hardly enough to eat at home. On top of that, my stepmother always found fault with whatever I did and used to beat me up.

“I was always scheming to escape from that place. I’m happy here. At least I get to sleep and eat properly. Not much work also, just to wash my clothes and clean the dishes I eat. I only have to sit in lap, serve drinks and food and earn money.”

Cops arrested the owner of Fida and he is in MPD lock-up. He had 23 girls working for him and the police have detained them all. Seventeen of them are underage.