Upendra Yadav blasts communists, lauds Pushpa Lal

Kathmandu, June 7:

Chairman of the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Upendra Yadav said today that legendary communist leader Pushpa Lal Pradhan wanted to strengthen nationalism by empowering the marginalised and deprived lots.

“But today’s communists believe that some people are more equal than others,” he said at a programme organised here to felicitate members of the Pushpa Lal Study Society, who won the Constituent Assembly polls.

He said nationalism will be strengthened only when marginalised groups are empowered and discrimination is brought to an end.

CPN-ML leader CP Mainali said Pushpa Lal was against feudalism, monarchy, expansionism and imperialism. CPN-UML leader Keshav Badal said Pushpa Lal was a visionary.

Madhav Gyawali, who learned about Marxism from Pushpa Lal, said the Maoists failed to win the people’s war as they deviated from Pushpa Lal’s ideology. CPN-UML CA member Gopal Thakur underlined the need to wipe out remnants of monarchy.