KATHMANDU: Urban Development Minister Arjun Narsingha KC said he would strictly implement the building code and take action against the violators.

Speaking with journalists in Kathmandu today, the newly appointed minister shared his priorities.

"At first, I will check why the code was not implemented earlier. If it has some errors, I will make corrections within three days and begin its implementation."

He warned that action would be taken against those who violate the code.

The Minister said big buildings alone would not make any city developed and he would work to manage electricity and drinking water among others amenities to make urban areas developed.

Meanwhile, speaking at a different context, the Nepali Congress leader said the incumbent coalition government's prime objectives would be to make the Constitution all-acceptable and fully implement it.

He was of the view that major political forces of the nation should be united to solve all the problems facing the nation and ensure implementation of the Constitution.