US recommends its people to reconsider Nepal travel plans

KATHMANDU: The United States government on Thursday recommended its citizens to "evaluate any upcoming travel plans to Nepal," considering growing fuel shortage here.

The Kathmandu-based US Embassy suggested the American people not to visit Nepal as many safety measures including air medevacs and hospitals would not be available.

"It is estimated that the fuel situation will not return to normal until two-three weeks after the border supply lines are fully restored," it warned.

The statement further informed that levels of services tourists are likely to be lower than normal though the facilities continue to operate in the Kathmandu Valley.

"As of today, these services are still operational, but service providers are facing dwindling supplies," the statement read, " If you are planning multi-day travel, the situation could change drastically during your trip."

Likewise, it warned, "Please consider that if you are trekking in a remote area and become injured, there will be limited options for you to be rescued until the fuel situation returns to normal.