Valley cops deployed in crime-prone areas

Kathmandu, May 20 :

The Valley Crime Investigation Branch (VCIB), Hanumandhoka, has deployed a number of police personnel in civil dress at major commercial markets and crime-prone areas, a police official said.

The official, however, did not give the exact figure of the number of police personnel deployed.

“After being mobilised in political demonstrations for more than three years, the crime investigation branch of the Valley Police has got relief from the prolonged headache,” Deepak Ranjit, superintendent of police at the Branch said, adding: “We can now focus on our real duty of preventing and investigating crimes.”

According to the official, the branch has recently deployed a sizeable strength at major commercial markets like banking areas, business areas as well as crime-prone areas like Thamel and Durbar Marg for 24 hours.

“Manpower has been deployed to have early information if any crime takes place,” he said. According to him, they will also officially help other police personnel, assigned for the investigation of a particular crime, to complete field work.

Following the Valley police’s directives, ward police offices in the valley have intensified night patrolling in recent days. “We have mobilised patrol teams to avert crimes in the night taking into account the increased number of looting and snatching in recent days.”