Kathmandu, August 30

Heath officials have reportedly recorded 29 more cases of cholera in the Valley over a period of one week.

However, no deaths have been reported.

With this, the number of cholera cases in the Valley since June 30 this year has reached 119.

According to the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division under the Department of Health Services, samples taken from patients were confirmed positive by the National Public Health Laboratory.

Of the total cases, 101 were reported from Lalitpur, 13 from Kathmandu, and 5 from unidentified places.

At least 20 per cent of diarrhea patients visiting hospitals for treatment have tested positive for the cholera-causing bacterium Vibrio cholerae since the onset of monsoon this year.

The disease has spread to more than eighteen places, mostly in Lalitpur areas.

Places hit by cholera include Kalimati, Tripureshwor, and Bafal of Kathmandu, and Bhaisepati, Thaiba, Lagankhel, Godavari, Balkumari, Jawalakhel, Dhapakhel, Thaiba, and Tangal among other areas of Lalitpur.

Many cases have been detected in some areas of Lalitpur that were previously unaffected.

Health officials said they are carrying out epidemiological and environmental investigations on water and sanitation activities in coordination with district public health offices and partners.

Cholera cases usually surface from mid-July until mid-November. Health officials said no death in connection with cholera have been reported so far, owing to timely treatment and easy access to hospitals in urban areas.

Cholera causes symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, leading to severe dehydration, and can cause death quickly. It is however easily treated through re-hydration and antibiotics.

At least 80 cases of cholera were reported in the Valley last year.