Valley witnessed driest July in 14 years

Kathmandu, August 15:

The Valley witnessed the lowest rainfall in July in 14 years — only 254.5mm. Despite being an ‘active’ monsoon month, the rainfall in July was less by 102 mm than the ‘normal’ rainfall recorded in July. The lowest July rainfall recorded in 1991 was 190.3 mm. On July 8 this year, there was 51.5 mm rainfall, making it the maximum precipitation recorded in Kathmandu on a single day. This is the lowest rainfall so far recorded on a single day compared with the data of the past four years. The maximum precipitation recorded on July 23, 2002 was 177mm, on July 31, 2003 was 100 mm, and it was 74.6 mm on July 9, 2004. The monsoon has shown an erratic pattern in Nepal this year. Meteorologists say the country will witness less amount of downpour than normal in the current year.

“More than 80 per cent of the total rainfall in any year occurs during monsoon; however, during this active monsoon period, Kathmandu witnessed less amount of precipitation. This indicates that there will be less rainfall this year,” said K B Malla, meteorologist at Meteorology Forecasting Division, Airport. “The unstable low-pressure zones formed in southern Nepal and the wind pattern, which shifted towards the west, are major contributors towards less precipitation in July.” The average rainfall in June was below normal. If the prevailing situation continues, August would also witness less rainfall than normal. The average rainfall for August should be 319.9 mm, but till August 14, the recorded rainfall has been 173.4 mm.