Violence in protests unacceptable, says Oli

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has said that the violent activities by some disgruntled parties would not be acceptable.

He added that the political transition in the nation ended with the promulgation of new constitution.

While inaugurating the first assembly of the National Tourism Entrepreneurs Association Nepal here today, Chair Oli urged all to accept the recently issued constitution as it has incorporated all democratic norms, values and was drafted with the participation of all parties and people following the democratic norms.

He claimed that Nepal's constitution was not weaker than any constitution in the world. Leader Oli added that none could vandalise public and private properties, attack the innocent public and security personnel, and block the border in the name of dissatisfaction.

The UML Chairman said that he too had some reservations in the constitution. But, as it is the main law to take the nation ahead all should come to consensus, he added. It is not a personal document, he said, adding, that if the Terai-based parties had any reservations on the constitution, those could be resolved through dialogues.

Speaking on a different note, he said that some forces were plotting to weaken the bilateral relations with India after the promulgation of the new constitution. However, their attempts would not be successful, he claimed.

He added that India was a reliable friend of Nepal and Nepal does not have any plan and reason for going against India and a mature democracy like India should understand such realities.

Chair Oli said that the recently promulgated new constitution has institutionalised the republic, federalism, inclusiveness and proportional representation.

Likewise, chair Oli said some political parties were trying to create rumours about the constitution.

Similarly, Minister for Culture and Tourism, Kripashur Sherpa, said that the government was working to normalise the tourism sector as some rumours were spread that the tourism sector was ruined by the April 25 Gorkha Earthquake.